Aladdin Aladdin is a king of theives. He finds the princess Jasmine as she's sneaking out and they appear to be falling in love. He is revealed to be the "Diamond in the Rough", the only person who can enter the cave of wonders. So he's kidnapped by Jafar and forced to go into the cave because Jafar wants the Genie lamp to make himself rich and powerful. Jafar tells Jasmine Aladdin is dead. Aladdin returns only as a prince. Jafar orders him flung off a cliff and the Genie rescues him. Then Aladdin Smashes Jafar's staff and reveals his plot.
Jasmine Jasmine is a princess being forced to marry a prince before her next birthday. She doesn't like any of the Princes, and she wants to marry for love and not wealth. She's fed up with her life so she sneaks out of the Palace for the first time. She meets Aladdin and starts to fall for him. But Jafar finds out he needs Aladdin to get into the cave of Wonders so he kidnaps him and tells Jasmine he's dead. She's not persuaded when Aladdin wishes himself a Prince and takes her out on the magic carpet.
Jafar Jafar is an evil Sorcerer who wants to be rich and rule over all the land. Unfortunately to do that he needs a Genie to grant his wish. He can't go into the place where the Genie's lamp is because only one person can; Aladdin. So he captures him but Aladdin gets the lamp for himself. As a new plan to ruin, Jafar plans to trick the Sultan into letting him marry Jasmine. His real plan is to kill them both and become Sultan. Once this plot is revealed Aladdin defeats him and saves Jasmine.
Genie Genie is a genie (obviously) Aladdin gets his lamp and Genie tells him that all he wants is to be free to grant his own wishes instead of always having to grant the lamp master's wishes. Aladdin promises to set him free with his last wish. He, the sultan and Jasmine are captured by Jafar; but Jafar wishes to be a Genie which is his downfall because Genie's can't grant there own wishes so he's sucked into a lamp and trapped. Aladdin keeps his promise even though it means he can't marry Jasmine because he's not a prince anymore. The Sultan changes the law and Aladdin and Jasmine get ingaged.
Abu Abu is Aladdin's cute little monkey pal. He helps him in a lot of scrapes.
Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin and Genie